Positive Productivity with Kim Sutton | Empowering Entrepreneurs to Achieve and Appreciate Personal and Professional Success

Positive Productivity is NOT about perfection. When we stop worrying about perfection and instead focus on living as OUR authentic, transparent, entrepreneur selves, we can achieve our goals and make our dreams a reality. Listen as Kim and guests discuss how to live a positively productive life in the areas of entrepreneurship, digital marketing, outsourcing, team building, online business, networking, relationships, work/life balance and more! #positiveproductivity
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Positive Productivity with Kim Sutton | Empowering Entrepreneurs to Achieve and Appreciate Personal and Professional Success



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Jul 28, 2018

“As a freelancer, as an entrepreneur, as a business owner you need to build systems of accountability that will help hold and support you.”

Jordan Baker used his expertise in software development to help him create Focuster, a personal productivity tool (aka a scheduling calendar) that helps you manage not only your time but also your focus.  Listen in as Kim and Jordan discuss focus, time, the difference between being productive and being busy, and much more!

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3:15 How to operate in an optimal state - aka being focused

3:32 How I developed Focuster  

6:20 Three ways traditional “to do” lists are broken - 1) don’t account for time, 2) don’t distinguish the urgent from the important and 3) they’re stressful

10:36 Tony Robbins likes to say “If you talk about it, it’s a dream.  But if you schedule it, it’s real.”

11:43 I realized that software can play a role in helping you focus & plan your time

12:50 Work on the right things in the right order because if you’re not doing that, you’re not being productive, you’re being busy

17:04 Time Blocking

25:50 Concentration Meditation

26:07 The reason behind procrastination

27:50 Work Meditation

Jul 26, 2018

“Ultimately as a parent we want our kids to be successful whether it is at home, in business, or their career of choice.”

A young entrepreneurial at heart with her own childhood lemonade stand and homemade Italian cookies as an up-sale, Muddy grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. With thorough administrative experience and know how, she developed Muddy Megabytes, a business that offers administrative services and all things technical. Tune in to hear Kim and Muddy hit topics on husband delegation, teaching children life skills at a young age, and multitasking VS serial tasking.

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00:04 Where “Muddy” came from

4:05 Biggest technical oversight

10:59 Husband delegation

14:23 Home Incorporated

16:35 Yes, I am WORKING from home

22:36 Teaching Kids life skills and business skills

34:19 Multitasking is a lie

39:39 I can’t do it all

Jul 24, 2018

“I am a student of the world, I love learning new things.”

An entertainment lawyer once told Amy that she is nothing, a nobody, and has no money to make it in the entertainment industry. His free advice to her was to write about what she knows, create a blog, a book, and get out there. Now she is an author of a best seller “Book of Failures”, appears on a local talk show, has been filmed in a movie, and Amy’s own film is now in development. Listen in as Kim and Amy have a light hearted conversation about failures, how kids can be a handful, and their advice on embracing your heritage!

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3:31 How did your book come to be?

9:06 Amy’s words are making people feel more normal relatable

16:53 The need to be searchable

23:40 The three calls

27:43 Visiting a friend in China

36:57 #Podernfamily

39:04 No what does that entertainment attorney say??

46:07 Push past the “no’s”

Jul 22, 2018

“The most important gift you can give a person is the unconditional belief in their ability.”

Tim was pictured as the poster child of success but in reality he was miserable in his career; it wasn’t what he had expected. One day he woke up and decided to walk away from it all and leave corporate life behind and started an education software business. Listen in as Kim and Tim discuss core values, developing relationships and social skills, and how opportunities tend to present themselves once you stop chasing them.


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2:30 Biggest regrets

7:30 Core values

12:40 Stop fighting, and just let things happen

14:19 This is how it has been done and should be done

25:25 Building relationships and social skills in this digital world

32:34 Haters are going to hate

39:05 Just believe

46:53 Supporting the community

Jul 21, 2018

We all need to be smart about the ways we spend our time and sanity, and tonight my littles gave me full proof that taking them to the grocery with me is…. Not smart. Listen as I share the story, and why I will be changing my grocery shopping procedure drastically!

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Jul 20, 2018

“The most important thing is to change your mindset, to realize that you can … create a healthy, energetic body.”

Living and teaching the Ageless Living Lifestyle for 35+ years now, Rico Caveglia opened up one of the first modern, personal training studios in San Diego in 1981.  Listen in as Kim and Rico discuss his passion for a healthy lifestyle which can produce ageless living. Why? As Rico explains, our bodies have a genetic potential to stay healthy until 125 years old so our life expectancy could have many more years of good living!   

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10:58 30-Day Clarity Exercise

19:56 The critical importance of the right food, enough sleep, physical movement and spiritual balance

22:17 Mindfulness - being aware of what we’re feeling, thinking and believing

23:18 Your conscious mind can override your subconscious mind

24:10 Master the seven essentials of life - breathe oxygen, drink water, eat real food, eliminate waste products, move our body, get rest & relaxation, and use our brains

Jul 18, 2018

“We have to be able to decide whether it’s right for our business or whether we’re trying to live up to somebody else’s should’s.”

First, Heather Cameron worked as an electrical engineer in Australia and then the technology bubble burst.  Faced with the question of “what now?” Heather returned home to Canada and earned another degree - this time in Adult Education.  Later, Heather was asked to travel to Zambia to lead a local leadership conference. She quickly said yes! During her experiences at home and abroad, Heather learned she had a passion for helping people - specifically women entrepreneurs - find their focus and help their businesses reach their true potential.    

Listen in as Kim and Heather discuss Heather’s work with women entrepreneurs and how many are susceptible to the world of “should’s.”  As in, I should be doing this or I should be doing that.  Sound familiar? If so, grab a cup of coffee, listen to this podcast and learn how you can get your own “should buster” meter!     

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9:48 Life was good and then it changed, almost back at square one

10:50 Discovered passion for working with women entrepreneurs

11:53 We’ve got so many “should’s” coming at us  

18:11 Social media is one of the biggest should’s out there

46:16 Start to create your own “should” buster

Jul 16, 2018

“The common thread always is the people.”

Natasha Todorovic is a trained consultant who has worked with a diverse group of international clients from many different industries and at all levels of management. She uses an approach called Spiral Dynamics which, as the name suggests, requires one to get to the core of who you are similar to how DNA (which rotates around in a spiral) is at the very core of who we are. Natasha is fascinated by the relationships she sees between people because - as she says - that’s where the magic happens.  Listen in as Kim and Natasha have an inspiring conversation about people, collaboration, and clogged pipes.  Trust me, you will be inspired!

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9:56 Getting to the core of who you are

20:20 50% of projects fail because of lack of collaboration

25:30 Spiral Dynamics

27:18 The DNA of our business

30:35 Sometimes the pipes get clogged

31:51 There’s a magic in seeing what’s between the people, rather than focusing on the people

Jul 14, 2018

“Having one good reference is one thing, but if you have a book of screaming references, that is something you can really sell against.”

After experiencing anxiety to the point of not being able to communicate in his soul sucking cubical, owner of Bare Knuckle marketing, web designer, author, and fellow podcast host Phil Singleton decided to take two weeks to pack up his bags and move to Taiwan for an unexpected ten year stay. Listen in as Kim and Phil discuss web design, successful and not so successful experiences with bartering, and the importance of having a web page for your business.

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1:15 How Phil got to where he is today

9:38 An opportunity was discovered

18:58 Successful and unsuccessful barters

26:08 The importance of a website

35:10 Local niche magazine

44:24 Game changer: being a guest on podcasts

Jul 12, 2018

“Even though our hardest times, what can get us through is remembering our past successes.”

Following the death of her mother at age 12, Dianne learned to tap into her young entrepreneur self in order to help supplement her father’s income.  A firm believer in the philosophy that your past successes can help you overcome your current obstacles, Dianne went on to experience relationships with both a non-functioning alcoholic and a meth addict.  Needing to remove herself from those situations and to provide for her children and herself, she found her true calling in life and became an entrepreneur, a mindset coach and a motivational speaker. Listen in as Kim and Dianne discuss all of this!  


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7:05 Somebody has to get it together here

8:11 Now what can I sell? Finding ways to make money in a now single-income household

17:37 I had a breakdown

19:24 What gets us through our hardest times is remembering our past successes

29:43 Research, find & use any available resources  

33:20 From $1,600/month to $12,000/month

34:30 Even though I had vision, I still didn’t value myself

43:10 Life coach certification

45:52 Entrepreneur by Design

Jul 10, 2018

“I started my life over … with two suitcases, a dog, two cats, and $35.  It hasn’t been easy but it’s been a lot of fun. I got my joy back.”

Lifestyle coach, speaker and author Olivia DeMoss lives to make a positive impact on the people and the world around her. Her smile is so bright you can hear Olivia smiling as she and Kim discuss how she hopes to help people create true happiness and a life of joy or “joie de vivre” by their own design.

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1:11 The difference between happiness and joy

1:28 Happiness is a state of being that comes from the outside

2:04 Joy is an inside job

4:15 Joy is a choice

4:21 “Joie de Vivre” - the joy of life

8:10 You are like a well, you need a source.  Joy makes your well overflow

26:32 Remember to be in gratitude  

42:13 Always be in integrity with yourself

Jul 8, 2018

“When you’re raising a village, it takes a village.”

As an entrepreneur, lawyer, business consultant, creator of online niche blog sites, a wife and mother of five children, and a Team USA Athlete in Triathlons, Rachel Brenke is a wearer of many hats. Listen in as Rachel and I relate to the hustle and bustle of family and work life juggling of schedules and how we are able to keep them organized, the importance of setting up proper legal structures in a business, and some useful advice on copyright infringement.

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00:52 Who is Rachel?

3:55 How does she do all that she does?

9:27 Time management

14:27 Most common legal mistakes entrepreneurs make

22:09 Copyright infringement

31:49 Knowing your business

41:08 Tools to help run businesses successfully

46:27 Archive those emails

Jul 7, 2018

In this episode, I share a major celebration from the Sutton Family, and expand upon the lesson about why it’s so important to keep moving forward -- no matter what challenges life throws at you!

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Jul 6, 2018

“Silent people do not leave lasting impressions.”

Born in the country of Georgia, a young Isaak Gelbinovich moved to America at the age of 23 without speaking a word of English.  Over time, he not only learned to speak English but he also became a public speaker and story teller and started teaching people how to speak.  Listen in as Isaak shares some of his own life stories with Kim and as they discuss the need for people to share their stories.  Remember, as Isaak says, “silent people do not leave lasting impressions.”   

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2:31 Everybody has a story and only you can tell your story

14:31 Three Stages of a Story: finding it, crafting it, delivering it

20:37 Don’t quit yet & the importance of education

26:11 Excellence is desirable and attainable

36:21 Silent people do not leave lasting impressions

Jul 5, 2018

Do you ever find yourself scrolling social media for hours, just to see what your competitors are up to and how they are succeeding? Well, it’s time for that to stop. Listen to hear my thoughts on the nonsense of nosiness.

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Jul 4, 2018

“Every situation that is at our feet is always a gift and the best gifts are not wrapped in pretty packages and bows.”

The founder and CEO of Mind Like Group, Esther Weinberg primarily works with leadership teams of entertainment technology companies on implementing cultures of dignity at work. Tune in as we discuss the importance of having those difficult conversations and how the small things build up to making the bigger problems. The education of healthy boundaries needs to be enforced in the work environment to allow for a safe workplace for both men and women.

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00:48 Introductions

7:09 Work life balance

11:38 The farting monkey

16:17 The five “A’s”

20:28 You can say “no”

31:09 Trust, respect, and safety

35:05 The tools to building your team with dignity and respect

42:34 The next 90 days

Jul 3, 2018

Have you ever noticed that sometimes it’s hard to accept good in your life because you’re waiting for the bad that occasionally follows? If so, it’s time to be good with having good!

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Jul 2, 2018

“There are ways to be empowered to move toward taking the best steps for your physical, mental, and spiritual well being.”

Have you ever heard the term “hijackle”? This word is trademarked and explained by Rhoberta Shaler, a relationship consultant, mediator, author and speaker from For Relationship help. Hijackles are people who hijack relationships for their own purposes and then relentlessly scavenge them for power and control. Listen in as Kim and Rhoberta dig in deep and discuss the traits of hijackers, how to handle them, and step up and move forward.

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1:12 What Rhoberta does
2:15 Trademark of “hijackles”
3:52 Hijackles paint perfection
7:35 Seeing the signs
12:02 What to do if you find yourself in a relationship with a hijackle
16:44 Safely reach out
18:50 Law of attraction
23:56 Personal weather reports
27:30 Stop the shoulda, woulda, coulda’s
29:38 Avoid becoming a hijackle yourself

Jul 1, 2018

Are you pursuing your heart’s desire? Or are you merely chasing the next dollar? Listen as I share how pursuing my heart’s desire has made all the difference in my personal and professional life!

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Jun 30, 2018

“You gotta quit that stupid job.”

Former mailman turned real estate investor, Tom Nardone used a secret weapon to his advantage: As a mailman, he could tell which properties were receiving certified foreclosure letters before anyone else knew the property was available.  Listen in as Tom and Kim discuss how Tom went from “mailman” to “millionaire mailman” in just under 10 years.

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12:17 Look for problems, not properties

13:27 My simple goal: to buy 3 houses a year

13:53 You gotta quit that stupid job - how Tom decided to leave his job as a mailman

28:35 Self-care: make sure you’re running the business and you’re not actually doing the business

Jun 29, 2018

When was the last time you performed an audit of ALL your recurring business expenses? If you can’t remember, I guarantee it wasn’t recent enough. Listen as I discuss spending freezes, and why you may need one!

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Jun 28, 2018

“If you control the business, then you control the lifestyle and therefore you have a lifestyle business”

From never owning a computer and having no prior knowledge of internet marketing, self-taught business owner John Lamerton speaks about his journey and what he has learned about life. After the birth of his first child in 2009, John realized his business was not what he wanted it to be and therefore launched his Ambitious Lifestyle business. Listen in as Kim and John discuss “aha” moments, what exactly a lifestyle business is, and some hiring lessons learned along the way.

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1:00 What John does and what he did to get there

3:00 Running the wrong kind of business

8:09 What a lifestyle business really is

11:53 Hiring lessons learned

15:40 Creating hurdles when hiring

23:00 The need to hire support

29:11 Hiring new VS experienced

33:08 High intensity fitness training in a work concept

39:29 Let go of the MD (Managing Director) level

47:22 “Rich people spend money to save time, and poor people spend time to save money”

51:51 One thing John cannot work without

Jun 27, 2018

Have you ever allowed a “Momma Hair” day prevent you from getting on to social media and sharing your message? I know I have! Listen as I explain the injustice we are doing to ourselves and others by allowing our “imperfections” to hold us back.

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Jun 26, 2018

"Your passion is not your purpose, your purpose is not your passion"

Dov Baron is a life strategist whose goal is to help you tap into your purpose and have the kind of impact you came into this world to have.  Following a 120 foot fall down a mountain, Dov learned his real purpose in life and is now better equipped to help others do the same. Listen in as Dov and Kim discuss what it takes to be a vulnerable leader, the difference between purpose and passion, and choosing heart over smart.  You'll be glad you did!

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8:34 When you are courageous and share intimate, yet powerful, aspects of your personal faults you can impact more people than you'll ever know
12:13 The Grand Accountability of Life.  You are having an impact, the question is: what kind (negatively or positively)?
15:22 Your passion is revealed in your joy, but your purpose is actually revealed in your pain
16:42 Purpose is this One Red Thread that is woven throughout the tapestry of your life
18:11 It's those moments where we stop and we question the very existence of our being, that's when we have access to the purpose of our life
53:23 The treasure you search for is in the cave you are terrified to enter

Jun 25, 2018

“Do the best that you can every day and give yourself a pat on the back when all is said and done. You’ve done all that you can do and tomorrow is a new day.”

Why work with pressure and overwhelm yourself with unrealistically long task lists and habit lists. Listen in and find out my recommended amount of personal and professional tasks in a day and take note of where the pressure is and see where you can reduce it.

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